Now, a break, what do we know now?

First of all, wow, we have come far, don’t we? It’s been quite a long trip, with lots of things to do and learn, let’s take a ride around it.

Play this while reading, it may help us feel motivated as we go along:

Let’s start from the beginning of this period: UML diagrams.

We now know a lot about them, how to use them, their types, use cases, how they work and quite a bit more, can you recall? Help us decide how well you feel about this topic picking how spicy you think the subject is.


Class Mapping, you know about it, don’t you? Check the article we wrote about it here.

Also we have something about code review and how to create it from classes in a UML diagram.

In case you need a bit of help with classes and coding, check this:

How was last week (Semana i)

Well, I really enjoyed it because I had a break from my usual responsibilities and work, I enrolled myself in a singing activity, which, if you don’t already know, is my biggest passion. Of course not everything is good, I got quite a bit sick and had to be in campus all day everyday because of my rehearsals, but hey, I really enjoy doing those things (not getting sick of course haha), so let’s take only the positive things from it.

It has been quite a good semester, let’s keep it like this the next month to feel satisfied of our work and enter our holiday season enjoying life.

It’s getting cold, don’t you think?


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