Check your code… please

Now, you have written your code, you know how to do mostly everything for you to have a great project, but of course, mistakes happen, let’s make sure you won’t leave one for your ‘FINAL_FINAL_OK’ version.

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First of all, remember we’re not criticizing the author’s work, we do this in order to learn, to check that everything is okay and running as it should.

The next tip is to review the code with the developer, so he can explain certain parts if the code if you’re not certain of how it is working; please, ask questions, why does this class exist? How will the client need this? What does this method do? And a lot of more questions, really…

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Define the scope of your revision, ask how much does the developer want for you to check, make sure you’re doing what you’re asked for.

Also, if you’re allowed, check a bit of the design, how the project works, how the classes are connected, why each one exists and keep asking yourself how would you do it yourself.

Finally make some constructive criticism about the project, tell the developer how would you improve the code, remember, code revision consists of checking everything in order to learn and getting better every time, working better as a team and making a better quality code.

Check the next video for tips:

Keep going, you’re doing great…


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