Coding, languages and more…

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We learnt about UML, DB and more, but now, you want more!? Well code is the next step, let’s see a bit about it.

The simple steps are: looking at your model, check each method in it, usually its name tells us about its function, so if you can read it, you can guess what it does.

If you know how to code in any language, the rest should be easy, make some classes with its methods and each one should do what was stated in the UML diagram.

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Now that you have each class, with its variables, methods and they’re working, well, you should just make sure that all of them connect with each other as you saw in your diagrams, also check that everything that has to do with your information in the DB is working.

There it is, as simple as that, you have the work done, see? Most of it relapses in a good planning and modeling. Keep it going, you’re getting better every step you take!

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